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The new old house fits right into the landscape.
A period building is unequaled for comfort, unforced beauty and "belonging" to the landscape.

Preservation…Restoration…Historically sensitive new construction…

"Building an enduring legacy"

Traditional Builders, Inc. is comprised of restoration craftsmen dedicated to the preservation of our historic architecture. We offer the knowledge and experience to reproduce and repair the elements that compose this architectural legacy. From the common barn to the plantation manor we have the expertise to preserve or reproduce the structure in its entirety. In addition, we take pride in merging traditional design elements seamlessly with the conveniences of modern living. This includes harmonious additions to existing buildings or the construction of the "new-old" home.

Bungalow roofline restored.
Restoration of the historic roofline of a period Arts and Crafts bungalow.

As experienced tradesmen and preservationists, we have developed an intimate, "hands-on" understanding of the unique virtues of the historic building tradition. The old home bears unique subtleties that one gradually appreciates over time. Worn thresholds, hand-planed woodwork, wavy glass … these are the nuances that give life and soul to the home. We offer the ability to recreate or restore these textures while fully accommodating the demands of modern living.

Old homes were designed to be healthy. They were meant to last. To the owner, they impart a sense of legacy and stewardship. They are well ventilated and naturally lend themselves to the use of "green", environmentally friendly materials such as wool insulation, sensibly forested timber or salvaged building products. There is an undeniable integrity in the home's composition and its ability to adapt to our ever changing lifestyles.

Historic structures reflect the human culture and natural landscape that produced them. The legacy of historic design demonstrates the close attention of the original builders to making buildings that work for our climate and way of life. Their design principles are as relevant today as they were centuries ago. The fact that they have lasted to the present demonstrates a triumph of early technologies and proper use of materials over modern building methods.

With Traditional Builders, Inc., you will discover the unique and relaxed sense of place that can only be found in old homes. You will experience a sense of comfort as the structure's time worn surfaces avail themselves to you. To us, this speaks of an enduring legacy to which you become a part.

Addition in style of Maryland vernacular architecture.
...from "classic" high style to humble vernacular.


Let us help you develop a design for your new home or addition based on cues from period buildings in your neighborhood or from historic details that inspire you. We can enhance the design by drawing from the same historic pattern books that our forefathers used and from our own extensive archive of period work. Traditional Builders, Inc. offers full design/build services to owners and architects who share our commitment to this rich heritage.

We also look forward to talking to you about restoring your old house or building in the traditional style. Contact us by  email or call our office at  (410) 991-1834, or fax us at  (410) 263-5586. 

We are fully licensed, bonded, and insured and can administer all permitting and Historic District Commission review issues.

OUR MISSION:  The preservation of our historic buildings depends upon the preservation and practice of the traditional building trades. Every project is an opportunity to pass along this tradition, just as our predecessors did for us, and to keep it vital and relevant for future generations.

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